Our Training Aircraft

The aircraft we use for training is a modern, factory built, 560Kg Light Sport Microlight. The Eurofox 3K has two comfortable velour seats, a tricycle undercarriage and is powered by a 100 HP Rotax 912 ULS aero engine. The impressive instrument panel has a comprehensive set of Kanardia flight instruments with combined analogue and digital displays and includes a Kanardia Horis with artificial horizon, heading indicator, g-meter and timers. There is also a comprehensive set of engine monitoring instruments.

Microlights have moved on quite a lot in recent years. Far from being a few scaffold poles with a deckchair for a seat and a lawnmower engine to provide the power as the media would have you believe, we have advanced somewhat.

With a power to weight ratio approaching 200 BHP/Tonne it has very impressive take off and climb performance. Maximum allowable speed (Vne) is 135 Knots (155 mph) but it is happier cruising in the 70-90 knot region (80-105 mph). The 85 litre fuel capacity gives it a maximum range of 620 miles, providing plenty of range to really go places.

In addition it has:

  • Cabin heater.
  • Carburettor heat.
  • In flight adjustable oil cooler flap.
  • 8.33 kHz Transceiver.
  • Mode S transponder with ADSB Out.
  • Landing lights.
  • Navigation/Strobe lights.
  • Full aircraft recovery parachute.
A view if the instrument panel showing the comprehensive set-up
It may be classified under the rules as a “Microlight” but no deckchairs and lawnmower engines here. This is a proper aeroplane in all senses of the word. The EuroFox was initially designed as a small light aircraft, but with weight restrictions were able to operate as a microlight. Post 600 Kg they now fly up to their full design limits, without the artificial limits.