Ground School

1. Basic ground school in preparation for the 5 x NPPL Examinations.

Ground school activities are vitally important in preparing a student for the 5 x theory examinations.

At Breeze Aviation we cover ground school subjects in detail. Our teaching style is specifically tailored to the students needs and learning ability.

Many other schools focus on the flight elements and expect students to ‘home study’ in isolation. This type of distance learning does not suit everyone and so we offer a fantastic alternative which is classroom based. We cater for individual private lessons and also group study which allows for great interaction and a fun learning environment.

The main areas of focus for ground school are:

Aircraft General    –    Air Law    –    Navigation    –    Human Performance and Limitations    –    Meteorology

2. Advanced Ground School, tailored to the pilots ability and experience.

At Breeze Aviation we also offer advanced courses which require very specific ground subject matter. Often this is tailored around the pilots experience and ability, but focussed specifically on enabling the pilot to achieve their desired goal. If you have an area of interest that you would like to explore further, why not come in for a chat, we would love to help.

3. FRTOL – Flight Radio Telephony Operator Licence

Being confident and precise on radio is an essential part of learning to fly but it is not part of the NPPL syllabus. At Breeze Aviation our students use radio from day 1 and we encourage everyone to attend one of our fantastic FRTOL courses to obtain their licence. Our courses are classroom based with great instructors/examiners and involve lots of interactive learning. For more information please call 07535 915 888