600 Kg

The 600 Kg microlight has arrived!

The recent increase in allowable weight, taking microlights up to 600 Kg is a real game changer. Gone are the days of having to choose between passengers or fuel, in order to remain within weight limits. We can now put in two average people and brim the tanks while still flying within limits. This opens the door to serious touring. It also leaves plenty of weight for added sophistication in the form of retractable gear, constant speed propellers, turbochargers, advanced avionics and plush interiors. The higher maximum stall speed allows a higher wing loading, higher operating speeds and a smoother ride.

On 19 August 2021 changes to the Air Navigation Order revised the definition of a microlight. The new microlight definition increases the maximum allowable take off mass from 450/472.5kg to 600kg. The maximum stall speed has also been raised from 35 to 45kts.

600 Kg will see the introduction of some very high performance aircraft with very high level equipment, avionics and comfort.

Can something that looks as good as this really be a microlight?