Post Qualifying

You’ve completed your training, passed all of your exams and flight test and have been issued with your new licence, what next?

With a few exceptions your new licence allows you to act as pilot in command of a microlight aircraft with no further training. See the “Conversion Training” tab on the main menu bar for more information about when mandatory conversion training is required.
While mandatory training may not be required, it is always wise to undergo at least some conversion training before flying a different type of aircraft which may have characteristics with which you are not familiar.

After qualifying you will need an aircraft to fly and there are several options available to you.

  • Sole ownership of your own aircraft.
  • Syndicate (Shared ownership of an aircraft).
  • Hiring.

Each option has its pros and cons, see below:

Sole ownership gives you maximum freedom, but is also the most expensive option as you bear all of the costs of purchase and standing costs in addition to the running costs.

Syndicates can significantly reduce costs by sharing the initial purchase and the standing costs of ownership between a number of members, this could be just 2 or 20 or more. The more members the lower the costs. Members usually pay a small monthly fee to cover their share of the standing costs and an hourly rate for the time flown. The downside is that you are only a part owner. Don’t be too concerned about availability though, even in syndicates with a large number of members utilisation is usually quite low, leaving plenty of availability.

Hiring of microlights, while not allowed a few years ago, is now legal making it an option to be considered. While there are a few places that will hire microlights, they are not that common. The advantage is that you only pay for the time flown, this can be a great advantage if you are an infrequent flyer. The downside is that the hourly rate will be higher than a syndicate.

Your personal situation will dictate which of the above works best for you. There is an exclusive Skyranger syndicate based at Sherburn that is available only to pilots that have been trained by Breeze. This means that they have an easy and cost effective route to continue their flying.

G-CIBV Syndicate (100 HP Skyranger Swift)

The G-CIBV syndicate is exclusively reserved for qualified pilots who have undertaken training with Breeze. Costs are low and availability is excellent due to the limited membership. This very low hours, well equipped, 100hp Skyranger Swift is the perfect aircraft for continuing your flying, at minimum cost once you have qualified.
Full details are available upon request.