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Fly with Breeze Aviation and be a part of something special…

Breeze Aviation provides some of the best microlight training facilities and training standards in the country.

In order to learn to fly with Breeze Aviation you will need to become a member of Sherburn Aero Club. This is not a requirement  for some of our services, but it is essential for ab-initio flight training.

We are located in the main club house, through The Maltings at Digby’s Restaurant and Bar, and down the corridor from the Aero Medical Surgery.  We benefit from being seamlessly integrated on the airfield with Advanced Flight Training, a commercial flight training school, Hields helicopter flight training school, the Tiger Moth experience and Sherburn engineering and maintenance company.

At Sherburn there are 4 runways, 3 grass and 1 tarmac (with lighting). There are 6 hangars that house our training aircraft and the many aero club and privately owned aircraft. There is also an instructor supervised Flight Simulator based on site.

Sherburn Aero Club has over 800 members, both flying and social. Joining and being a member of what we consider to be the best flying club in the country is a privilege and a pleasure you will not regret.

The Aero club hosts activities and events for its members throughout the year.  There are also a large number of reciprocal landing arrangements with other clubs around the country, enabling members to broaden their horizons cost effectively.  As a Flying Member you benefit from all of this plus a shareholding in the club and it’s assets with voting rights.

The 2021/2022 prices for joining Sherburn Aero Club are:
  • Flying Membership – £198
  • Flying Membership (Under 18) – £144
  • Social Membership – £25
  • Day Membership – £5

Interested in joining ?    Contact us for more information:  or Tel: 07535 915 888

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