What services do we offer at Breeze Aviation?

  1. Ab initio pilot training for the NPPL with microlight rating (Fixed wing/3-Axis).

    This covers the full BMAA/CAA approved NPPL Microlight Pilot syllabus, including Solo supervision. It will ensure that a student has covered the required flying criteria in preparation for the General Skills Test. (GST)

  2. Ground school in preparation for the 5 theory exams.

    Ground school activities are optional, but will help prepare you in preparing for the 5 x theory examinations. Subjects are covered in detail and the teaching style is specifically tailored to a students needs and learning ability.

  3. 5 x NPPL Microlight specific theory exams.

    These examinations are the 5 x core subjects that are covered in ground school. A student is required to pass all 5 examinations in order to be ready for the General Skills Test (GST).

    Human Performance and Limitations  –  Air Law  –  Aircraft General  –   Meteorology   –   Navigation

  4. Advanced Training –  (BMAA Diploma courses also coming soon)

    Advanced training is something that every pilot should consider. It forms a safe environment in which a pilot can increase their skills & knowledge with the comfort of instructor guidance. It can involve skills such as exploring the flight envelope of a particular type of microlight aircraft, or simply honing a specific skill such as farm strip flying or touring abroad.

  5. Revision and Skills Test for the renewal of an expired NPPL microlight rating

    Sometimes life gets in the way and pilots find themselves failing to meet the minimum requirements to keep their licence current. Refresher training can be provided in order to recap and sharpen those essential skills in preparation for the GST.

  6. Conversion training from PPL to microlight  or NPPL (SSEA/SLMG)  ratings to Microlight. Flex-wing to Fixed wing/3-axis.

    Note: Conversion training will also be required to fly the new LSM 600 Kg microlights if your previous training and experience has only been on sub 475 Kg aircraft.

    Pilots of other types often add a microlight ratings to their licence to enjoy the lighter side of aviation. More and more pilots are realising the benefits of microlights over other forms of aviation and are converting. Whatever your wishes, training is provided to meet the CAA criteria (specific to your current licence) ensuring the most efficient path to obtaining your microlight privileges.

  7. Air Experience Packages

    Birthdays, Christmas, Graduation …. Air experience packages are the perfect gift for anyone wishing to give the freedom of flight. Tailored packages are built to suit all requirements and budgets. BMAA voucher schemes are also accepted.

  8. SSEA Rating

    Do you want to add the SSEA rating to your NPPL? No problem, we can arrange this for you. This rating can be done very easily, with as little as 3hrs further training, and will enable you to fly light aircraft up to 2000kg with up to 4 persons on board.

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For further information about flight training and to discuss your personal requirements please contact Mike Poole, Breeze Chief Flying Instructor. 

Mobile 07947 128 857